Safety Needles

Manufacturer: Becton Dickenson (BD)


BD offers active and passive needle-based safety systems to meet clinician preferences. In our needle-based safety devices, the safety mechanism is built into the needle. The needle can be manually attached to a conventional syringe or a commercially prepared pre-filled syringe.

In an active system, clinicians activate the safety mechanism after the injection. BD Eclipse™syringes and BD SafetyGlide™syringes use active systems.

BD Eclipse™ Needle

The BD Eclipse™ needle is a pivoting-shield needle for efficient safety during activation. The needle is bevel oriented to the safety cover to facilitate low-angle injections.

Models (In-Stock):

BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needle 21 Gauge 1-1/4 Inch Needle Length Safety Needle without Tubing Sterile
Item ID: NEE-BD368607

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