Manufacturer: Dynarex


Standard, Heavy-duty, Bariatric, and Side Style Models
Specialty Add-ons Available

Features And Benefits

  • Push-button mechanisms allow easier operation with fingers or palm
  • Curved front cross braces located for full stride
  • Sturdy aluminum tubing provides stability while remaining lightweight
  • Contoured plastic hand grips
  • Available with or without wheels in junior, adult, and bariatric models

Side Style One-Arm Walker Features

  • Designed for individuals with the use of one hand or arm
  • Vinyl contoured hand grip
  • Lightweight, adjustable 1″ aluminum frame
  • No assembly required

Adult Two-Button Folding Walker—32″–39″ (Max Capacity 300 lb.)
Item ID: DME-DYN10160-4 WALK

Junior Two-Button Folding Walker—25″–32″ (Max Capacity 300 lb.)
Item ID: 10161 – Special Order

Adult Two-Button Folding Walker with Wheels—32.5″–39.5″ (Max Capacity 300 lb.)
Item ID: 10162 – Special Order

Junior Two-Button Folding Walker with Wheels—25.5″–32.5″ (Max Capacity 300 lb.)
Item ID: 10163 – Special Order

Heavy-duty Bariatric Walker (Max Capacity 500 lb.)
Item ID: 10165 – Special Order

Heavy-duty Bariatric Walker—with 5″ wheels (Max Capacity 500 lb.)
Item ID: 10166 – Special Order

Side Style One-Arm Walker (Max Capacity 300 lb.)
Item ID: 10164 – Special Order

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